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Color: Brown
Material: Ceramic
Item Size: 145 * 140 * 80mm / 5.71 * 5.12 * 3.15in
Creative and ceramic ornament, you can put it on anywhere and help you to focus attention and freshen the air.
Lavender: improve sleeping quality
Molly: feel better
Roses: happy aphrodisiac
Ambergris: promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis
Marine: skin care cosmetic
Lily: tranquilize
Green tea: fresh and refreshing
Top wormwood incense: recruiting drive midge
Top new mountain sandalwood: calm nerves
Top laoshan sandal: relax
Top star water sink: sleeping meditation
Top Wu Chen Xiang: traditional Chinese
Top ancient sandal: sedative meditation
Burning time:An about 15 minutes:
Ingredients:Natural sandalwood powder & natural sticky powder
Ingredients:Natural sandalwood powder & natural sticky powder 
Meticulous design with dignified sculpt made the expression vivid.
The incenses can upend on th top, and the smoke can flow from the hole slowly.
It is a creative decoration.
You can put it in home, office, hotel, tea house, yoga studio, meditation, buddist temple, living room, etc.
It can help to freshen the air, clam the nerves and concentrate.
This beautiful ceramic backflow incense burner is hand crafted
Ceramic incense burners are ideal for burning your favorite incenses while providing a decorative accent to any space
When incense cone is lit in the burner, trails of smoke mimics a waterfall/cloud mist on top of a mountain at the base of the figurine
Must be in a calm environment, the smoke will go back to the incense burner
Suitable for the study, bedroom, yoga studio. Place them on your desk, table, or ideally, on an alter stand
These marvelous ceramic incense burners will provide years and years of usage and are an easy way to add a beautiful fragrance to your home or office
Package List:
1 * Censer + 60 * Backflow Incense

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